Friday, June 28, 2013

Something Old, Something New. Painting Miniatures

Lets start by saying that i hope to post  often, how often I am unsure.
May times i don't pay attention to my spelling, or grammar, so there is bound to be mistakes. 

I like in my off time, to paint miniatures.  They are small figurines that normally represent some sort of fantasy or syfi units. The size I normally work with is 28- 32mm

I  tend to be a slow painter, so I wont post all my photos at once. 
This is a Banshee, from reaper miniatures.  Most of the models I tend to  paint are from reaper, but I do paint other manufactures.
I wish i could take better photos, but my camera is sub-par for this scale.

Well if any one out there is reading, I hope you enjoy.


  1. honestly your pictures seem to be just as good as most of the ones reaper posts on its website...i can see the details pretty well...looking forward to seeing more of your stuff

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! I'll look forward to following along :)