Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Post Reapercon 2015

Blogging is not my thing!
Almost one year since I was last here. Boy how time flys.

Went on a much needed vacation. Need to go on another!

Went to reapercon for the first time, and came home with 2 solid silvers, and 1 gold. No Sophie trophy yet.  Maybe one day. But until then practice practice practice.  I also took a few sculpting classes. Lets see if I can do anything useful with that. :)

Updating this blog from an actual computer instead of a smartphone is SOOOOOO much better.  Blogging and posting pictures on a smartphone can be infuriating because you cant get it to do what  you want.

Ive been working on this OOP Rackham miniature that I got years ago. I LOVE Rackham! I was so sad to see them go under all those years ago. At least CMON has brought some of them back alive.
 I've reworked the helmet on the severed head a bit since this photo, a little more shadowing and higher high lights.

 I am still trying to work on my NMM, im getting better-ish one day I'll get it down pat, but for now its a hit and miss.  Its a love / hate relationship. I love how it looks, but I hate that I cant seem to do it.
 Lady justice is blind! I feel in love with this model when first saw it from reaper.
These last 2 photos are from ReaperCon(s) site reapercon.com .  I have not  photographed them my self, but will soon.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

short life update

Work, work, work, has consumed my life as usual.
I have been able to paint and put together a vignette.  Ill keep this short and sweet.
here are some pics.
Or not.  It seems there are issues posting pictures from your phone.
Those will have to wait till I'm on my computer next.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Few and Far Between

I admit, I am horrible at documenting and taking photos of miniatures that I am working on.  I do a better job on facebook for these things, just for the ease of posting there.  I figured since I haven’t posted here in a while that I should and say, “No I haven’t forgotten about you.” 

Update from the last, I have been painting, and hopefully bettering myself.  I went to a miniature exhibition the other weekend, and submitted some of my work as well. It was for the Southern California Historical Miniature Society. I was lucky enough to win a silver in the Advanced Fantasy group.  I was unable to see most of the entries do to work.  It was a two day event and on Saturday when most of the interesting presentations were going on I was stuck at work. 

 I was approached online to paint a few minis for up and coming miniature company, but have yet to see if it will go beyond that.  Its been a month or two since we have last talked.  Its disappointing but se la vi c'est la vie.

My tiny foster puppy continues to find a destroy things, though I have no idea how its getting them.  I’m blaming the cats.  I think they are in cahoots.

Jans almost finished with school and out vacation is almost planed out for November!

I promise to have photos soon for this blog. Its just taking a long time to sync from my phone. 

Good night.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just a rant.

OK this really has nothing to do with minis. I'm just venting.
Medically - I'm still in pain, specialist that i have seen before doesn't think its from previous issues.  Will start taking medications tomorrow. - Hope this works, I do not want surgery again.

Work- The old 9 to 5, I still don't have a day off. And now we have yet another person leaving us. I with them good luck at their new job. But... I want a day off, and well.......... this has hampered it. Time to looks for a new person.

Painting - I have been way to busy with personal reasons  and work to break them out. I want to paint more, but at the moment. Just painting for myself isn't getting me motivated enough to do so. + the pain, the pain doesn't help at all for sitting, standing, laying down, or any other position for that matter.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It alive!

My laptop, it lives once more.  Finally, after a week of no computer and drowning my sorrows in nextflix. I have a new battery and a new ac adapter! *happy dance*

 The foster puppies will not let me sleep in... at all.  

As for mini painting I'm still slowly working on a few older  Ral Parthas. Im trying to do a more neutral color scheme.  Hopefully they will be finished soon.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

They are OVER! Thank goodness. Had a blast, and would love to do it again.  LOJ was fun, but of the two days I would have to say the second was my favorite.  Got a picture with a certain Myth Buster, dressed as a pirate.  Once I get a the picture from a friend I'll post it.

Now I'm able to get back to some painting.  Just pulled out 2 Ral Partha from the painting cabinet and primed them.  I'm sad because the first coat on one became grainy. 

Some thing that isn't so grainy - Meet Boris! I wouldn't want to go against him in a fight.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bones are on the way!

Woo Hoo! One more day till the 4th of July, and all the fireworks (and drugging my poor, poor doggies).
So far the foster pups don't mind the fireworks. They are asleep on the couch and snuggled up to a slipper on the floor.  They have both learned how to climb out of their pen.  This just means i need to pay closer attention to what they are doing at all times.
Pixie has already chewed through one phone cord.  Lets not make it more.   Both Bebe and Pixie got their vaccinations yesterday, but this hasn't slowed them down one bit for playing.  Pixie is a bit sore, but it is a normal reaction.

On a miniature note- I got my email confirmation that my bones will be shipped today!  Pure awesomeness.  All those lovely dragons to play with! I can hardly wait, but I will have to.  Delivery date is on the 9th! The two bones pieces i picked up to practice on have barely been touched.  Ive mainly been focused on all the other minis I had to paint.

A blast from  last years past, A hasslefree mini!  Who knows, maybe i could do a better job on it now? Any one want to commission me to paint one?

Jan just had his last final for the summer semester, another Woo Hoo moment.  Only 1 more year *knock on wood* to go, until hes done with school  and has a degree.

Tinkerbell and Sammy