Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Few and Far Between

I admit, I am horrible at documenting and taking photos of miniatures that I am working on.  I do a better job on facebook for these things, just for the ease of posting there.  I figured since I haven’t posted here in a while that I should and say, “No I haven’t forgotten about you.” 

Update from the last, I have been painting, and hopefully bettering myself.  I went to a miniature exhibition the other weekend, and submitted some of my work as well. It was for the Southern California Historical Miniature Society. I was lucky enough to win a silver in the Advanced Fantasy group.  I was unable to see most of the entries do to work.  It was a two day event and on Saturday when most of the interesting presentations were going on I was stuck at work. 

 I was approached online to paint a few minis for up and coming miniature company, but have yet to see if it will go beyond that.  Its been a month or two since we have last talked.  Its disappointing but se la vi c'est la vie.

My tiny foster puppy continues to find a destroy things, though I have no idea how its getting them.  I’m blaming the cats.  I think they are in cahoots.

Jans almost finished with school and out vacation is almost planed out for November!

I promise to have photos soon for this blog. Its just taking a long time to sync from my phone. 

Good night.

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