Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Post Reapercon 2015

Blogging is not my thing!
Almost one year since I was last here. Boy how time flys.

Went on a much needed vacation. Need to go on another!

Went to reapercon for the first time, and came home with 2 solid silvers, and 1 gold. No Sophie trophy yet.  Maybe one day. But until then practice practice practice.  I also took a few sculpting classes. Lets see if I can do anything useful with that. :)

Updating this blog from an actual computer instead of a smartphone is SOOOOOO much better.  Blogging and posting pictures on a smartphone can be infuriating because you cant get it to do what  you want.

Ive been working on this OOP Rackham miniature that I got years ago. I LOVE Rackham! I was so sad to see them go under all those years ago. At least CMON has brought some of them back alive.
 I've reworked the helmet on the severed head a bit since this photo, a little more shadowing and higher high lights.

 I am still trying to work on my NMM, im getting better-ish one day I'll get it down pat, but for now its a hit and miss.  Its a love / hate relationship. I love how it looks, but I hate that I cant seem to do it.
 Lady justice is blind! I feel in love with this model when first saw it from reaper.
These last 2 photos are from ReaperCon(s) site reapercon.com .  I have not  photographed them my self, but will soon.


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