Monday, July 1, 2013

Goblins O' MY!

And is another sweltering hot day in So cal!
Why cant is be a nice 70 degrees all year round?

Spent most of the weekend trying to stay cool in this lovely weather. I hope next weekend isnt as hot as this one. Wearing facial prosthesis and sweating will be uncomfortable!
So, we are less then 1 week away for LOJ where my bf and my self well be prancing around as goblins. We went to costuming about 2 weeks ago, so we know what we will be wearing, just no what we will  look like. This should be fun!

Did a little bit of painting on a mini that have been sitting on my shelf for months. Its a tiny Tom Meier mini. I am no very good at painting the eyes on his modles since he already but the recesses in for the pupils.  Im used to working on a tiny flat serface.  So the eyes look wide and anime-ish. (no i didnt take photos. ((yet)) I will post on another day.

But I did finish a Airship Goblin Captain, in the spirit of LOJ. it was made by Center Stage Miniatures, another up and coming

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