Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Succubus Reaper Style

Yet another day on the grind at work.  Looking forward to this weekends festivities.  Talking to friends the trying to knock out all the technical, who, where, when, and hows.

Baths can be so relaxing.  Even on a hot muggy night.  No painting this evening i think.  its getting late and the one mini i started just isnt calling me.  The cast on the face was very sub par and the pitting on the metal just turns me off. (I thought that i could over look this and paint it anyways, but at this point my will save has lost.) I think this will sit on my shelf of shame for a bit till i have a yearning to finish it.

Good news, i still have more minis finished that i post for  your amusement.

BOOBS! Who doesn't like a good pair to look at? Hey look! She has some spots too. In hand there are a lore more yellows on her skin. They are not showing well in the photo.


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